The UPLIFT Encouragement Group came to be in 2017 by two individuals who share a common chronic illness and as a result were able to create a source of encouragement to others battling their own journey.

We are proud to provide a safe place to:

  • Share common experiences and concerns
  • Provide and receive emotional support
  • Obtain information related to your specific situation(s)
  • Discuss the various aspects of living and coping with an illness/disability.

Local groups also provide a source of encouragement to those in the community who we know could use a little cheering up. So it’s a win-win for both our group members and those in the community we help. It’s nice to take our mind off of our illness/disability to help others. We are building communities that empower, empathize, and ENCOURAGE others.

A Word From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Scheri and I’m the founder of UPLIFT Encouragement Group

I am just an ordinary person living with a chronic illness who is so very passionate about helping others who feel like they are alone and have no purpose. I too, was one of those people at one time until God laid the UPLIFT Encouragement Group on my heart…to be a source of hope and encouragement to those living with a chronic illness/disability.

It is not a death sentence, there is so much we can do, we just have a different way of getting there. I am so determined and on such a mission to help you. I have met some of the most awesome people and seen so many changes. I always look forward to our monthly group meetings because these people are my extended family!

If you have never thought of starting an encouragement group, please think about it. It will be the most rewarding thing you do for others and yourself.

In these crazy times we live in, we desperately need the “community” we get from our group. We are building communities that empower, empathize and encourage others. Let me show you how.

Please contact me anytime and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you!

Get Started

Bruce West Vice President

My name is Bruce and I'm the Vice President of The UPLIFT Encouragement Group. Since 2017, Scheri and I have had a vision of helping others that have a chronic illness or disability and giving them a safe place to share good and bad life experiences. We provide an open forum that gives people the opportunity to know they aren't alone and that they still have a full life to live, it might just look a little different.

Jordan Sims Secretary

My name is Jordan Sims and I am the Secretary for The UPLIFT Encouragement Group!

Gary Cooper Palmetto Infusion

Hello! I'm Gary and I am the Founder and Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion. We are so proud to partner with UPLIFT and all they do because they make such a difference in people's lives each and every day!

Betsy Blake Treasurer

Hi! I'm Betsy and I'm the Treasurer for The UPLIFT Encouragement Group! For my daily work life I am Associate Professor for the College of Pharmacy here at UofSC.


I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where I graduated from Sullivan University. My husband and I, Al, moved to Lexington from Columbus, Ohio 16 years ago. Having MS for 24 years, I felt a pulling on my heart to start a group to provide a community for individuals with chronic illnesses/disabilities to come together and share common experiences. Additionally, to empower, emphasize and encourage each other…to offer hope!



It is important to feel like you fit in, and to know you are not the only one.  It is good to be surrounded with people who know your daily struggles and can empathize with you because they go through the same struggles.

Emily A

Uplift has given me a place to be understood and accepted, where we are the same because of our differences.

Jordan S